QOTPIC014 Harley Quinn vs Lil Amazon

These are pictures from the epic match between the Littlest Amazon and Harley Quinn- ultimately leading to Quinn's demise.Shiny tights, leotards, gi top.

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Pictures from Queen of Tights 7 Anaconda Vs Carol Anne
Carol Ann, the Queen of Tights (played by Sybil Starr) has accepted a leggy fight from yet another challenger looking to rip her glorious red tights and take the anklet of victory home with her! Anaconda is her name (played by Karrine) and it is all really a trick! The Princess of Pantyhose, Diana (played by Dakota) is back for revenge!!! The Queen gets twice the fight she was looking for in this scripted, campy, leggy, pantyhose cat fight!

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QOT vs Nurse Nancy Nylons Pictures
Carol Anne is going to the Doctor's with the hopes of feeling better. Little dies she know that her old room mate from boarding schjool will be there to exact age old revenge on her! Nancy Nylons has a special pair of Tiger Striped in black and silver tights! She drugs the Queen and takes advantage of her situation to steal the anklet of victory!!!

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Sybil as QOT
Here are some promo shots Sybil took as the Queen of Tights for the QOT.com website.

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The Characters and their Tights!
This photo set consists of:
Mutiny as Lady Luck
Veronika as Harely Kinn
Sybil vs Lia (QOT vs Legs Labowe)
Hellena Heavenly in her blue tights
Sybil as the clone
Sybil in leotard and tights glamor photos
A couple leggy Christmas shots

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Queen of Tights 5 Pictures

The Queen of Tights Saga continues in this "Battle of the Maids" cat fight. The fight takes place on the set of a photo shoot! Fetish Model, Kordelia Devonshire, plays the part of Marla the Maid. Marla has been sent by the Princess of Pantyhose to take out the Queen of Tights!! The Ladies are both dressed in their french maid outfits!

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Queen of Tights 3
Princess Di is back (played by Dakota) and she is, in her own words. . . "Well, I've gotten bigger, stronger and sexier since that lucky victory of yours. My fighting skills are second to none now. And my new pantyhose is indestructible. Commoners like you are not woman enough to tear them. I've defeated dozens of Hollywood's sexiest women to train for this fight and tonight I will avenge my loss and prove who's the royalty when it comes to sexy legs. Then while you're in the hospital recovering from the beating I gave you I'll spend the night making love with your handsome boyfriend. Got all that Carol Ann?" What will queen Carol Ann (Sybil Starr) do? Can she continue to be the queen of Tights? Will she retain the anklet of victory? Find out in this campy, superhero-like, catfight in tights!

105 pictures $10


Josie the captured QT

Josie has been captured and is being sold on the auction block. She is being mentally controlled to pose in sexy ways while being displayed, and if she tries to resist posing she gets pain that is unbearable! Even her shiny tights cannot help her now!

46 pictures $4


Kitty Klaus has traveled from the south pole in her shimmering silver fighting tights, just to confront the Queen and take her anklet!

43 pictures $2


The Queen in Purple Tights
Sybil Starr who plays Carol Anne, the Queen of Tights, is posing for pictures while she is wearing sparkly purple tights and velor leotard.

76 pictures $6


Lia's Got Legs
check out Lia "Legs" Labowe in this glamor shoot done to show of her sparkly tights and leotard.

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Queen Of Tights - 2 Pictures from the match
Watch out queen Carol Ann, the queen of Tights!!! The Prince is much chagrined at your victory over his Princess Diana and has sent an assassin to decimate those shapely legs and tights!!! In wicked silver tights, Lia "Legs" Labowe, corners the queen while she in not wearing her fantastic and powerful ruby red fighting tights!!

22 pictures $2


Rockstarr Roni Cowgirl Catfight Champ of the West
Roni shows off her shiny fighting tights, leotards and cowgirl boots in this queenoftights.com glamor shoot.

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Christina Carter, also known as Violet, the Violet avenger, wears a sexy purple velor leotard and shiny, sparkly light violet tights. She is so glamorous as she poses.

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QOTPIC013 Queen vs Baroness

Queen of Tights vs the Baroness
The Baroness from Germany has used fighting tights to rob a bank, and the CIA has called in Carol Anne, the Queen of Tights, to stop her! 40 pictures $3